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Kolo Mee or Mee Kolo is a type of Sarawakian noodle dish, characteristically light and tossed in a transparent sauce. Kolo Mee is a Sarawakian Chinese favourite and is served any time of the day for breakfast, lunch and supper.

Kolo Mee is distinguished from other Asian noodle dish recipes. The difference between Kolok Mee and Wantan Mee, which is popular in the Peninsula Malaysia, is that Kolo Mee is not drenched in dark soy sauce and water is not added to the noodles when served. Kolo Mee comes in two common flavours: plain or seasoned with red sauce (red sauce from charsiew marination).

Kolo Mee usually served with soup (in our case, we serve you with Chicken Wantan Soup – 2 pieces) and soy sauce, to give the dish a darker appearance and enhance its saltiness.

The Kolo Mee is topped with generous sauted minced meat, spring onion and fried onion, giving the dish a sweet crunchiness. This dish is often also served with slices of charsiew (and pickled chilies), which are placed on top of the noodles.

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Our Story

Mee Kolok Premium by

InshaAllah, this one will be one of your favorite "All Day Meal", just like how we love it..!

We are a small group of passionate Sarawakian buddies living in Kuala Lumpur who were always "Homesick" of our good 'ol Sarawakian food especially the legendary Mee Kolok! TBH, for as long as we have been here, the ones we have tried felt a little bit short versus the ones we have been eating since we were kids!

After all these years, we have had enough! We made it a point to SOLVE OUR OWN PROBLEM. So we worked on the right combination to make the Halal version of the Original Mee Kolok; so you and our fellow Malaysians can enjoy it; just like we do!

After many years of being disappointed and after months and many rounds of sampling, FINALLY we found the correct ratio for each ingredients to produce this Mee Kolok PREMIUM! We also want you know; we are using non-preservative main ingredients and made fresh daily.

We put all our hearts and poured 100% into making this a reality. We hope to get your full support in making this a sustainable venture for a small setup like ours. Recreating this favorite food of ours so you too can enjoy it doesn't end here. We still need to offer smooth experience for you to place your order, make payment, deploying reliable and trusted delivery service and eventually for you to enjoy this Mee Kolok PREMIUM wherever you want and what ever time of the day you want! We are very positive that you will enjoy it as much as we do and will always do!

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